Sunday, July 17, 2017
06:00 AM Morning Chanting and Vipassana Meditation
09:00 Homage to the Lord Buddha (Somdetphranawamintarasasda)
All guests are welcome to pay homage to Somdetphranawamintarasasda and Congrega tion prepares “donation trees” (Papah) for presentation as contributions to the fund for building a new temple.
10:30 Homage to the Triple Gem
President of ceremonies lights candles and joss sticks in honor of the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha, and leads the congregation in requesting the Five Precepts from the Sangha. Head monk gives and congregation receives the Five Precepts. President asks the Sangha for blessings. The Sangha blesses the congregation.
10:45 Offering of alms (tahk batr) to the monks
11:15 Offering of lunch to monks Congregation also partakes of lunch.
12:30 Sermon on the Dharma
Dhammadesana(Dhamma Talk presented in Thai by a monk)
Congregation collects offerings in appreciation of the sermon
and presents the collection, Papah, and alms to the monks.
Meditation share and aspiration offering ceremony of flowers, candle and incense
Asalha Puja Day-Buddhist Lent’s Day Ceremony
13:30 Offering Ceremony of flowers, candles and incense in connection with Asalha Puja Day-Buddhist Lent’s Day Pamsukula (dedication of merit to the ancestors)
13:45 Homage and conclusion of ceremonies
President thanks the congregation for their participation.
Head monk blesses the congregation. The other monks join in extending the blessings. The congregation receives the blessings.
14:00 Asalha Puja Day-Buddhist Lent’s Day Ceremony Finished
Congregation assembles for a group photograph.
All members and Friends are invited
Free Admission
It is our sincerest gratitude for your continued supports, volunteered services, and donations to our temple. Thank you!
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