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This is the important role Thai Sangha in USA have done. Although he doesn’t grasp the world but he has never abandoned people and the world but has given continuous help to them according to the Buddha’s instruction.

Somdet Phramahathirachan

Somdet Phramahathirachan

The President

“Take pride in your imperfections as they drive us to continually better ourselves”

PhraBhavanawachiravides | Mongkol Kuakool

PhraBhavanawachiravides | Mongkol Kuakool

The Master of Meditation

What the Buddha discovered is the law of nature. The Buddha said, “Whether I exist or not, the truths are  always there.”


Buddha -Dhamma-niyamasutta

Buddha -Dhamma-niyamasutta


All Are Welcome

Step into our tranquil Buddhist temple, established in 2002, where you can engage in mindful prayer with the monks, partake in our captivating special events, or quietly contemplate in front of our Buddha Statue, embracing mindfulness and experiencing profound peace and joy.

Beginners’ Classes

Thai Language
Thai Language Course This course promotes proficiency in using the Thai language, covering listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills for everyday life. The teaching approach integrates all language skills to ensure practical application in daily living.
3 Months
$200 Semester
Thai Music
Thai Music Instruction Activities Our Thai music instruction activities will offer lessons in the following instruments: String Instruments: Includes the Chakhe, So Duang, So U, and Kim Percussion Instruments: Featuring the Ranad Ek Wind Instruments: Such as the Khlui Rhythm Section Instruments: Including the Taphon-Rammana, Angklung, and Glong Yao These lessons aim to provide comprehensive instruction in traditional Thai musical instruments.
3 Months
$200 semester
Thai Dance
Studying the Formats of Performance Arts Our curriculum includes learning various formats of performance arts, such as traditional dance, folk dance, and acting techniques. Students will engage in creating and presenting theatrical works in different styles, practicing, testing, and showcasing their performances. These activities aim to equip students with the knowledge and skills to apply their learning in various opportunities.
3 Months
$200 Semester

Abbot & Monks

Several monks reside at the Wat. Their exact number depends on the current events or activities: Buddhist rites and Thai culture ceremonies. Occasionally, monks are invited to do the blessing outside of their temple - at private residences or businesses.

Latest News & Events

Songkran Festival April 28th, 2024
Songkran Festival April 28th, 2024
Are you seeking the benefits of mindfulness meditation and practice?

Meditation focuses on maintaining quietness of our busy mind. The effect is to direct our concentration to one healing element

Sunday School Open

Buddhist Thai Sunday School of Wat Nawamintararachutis Open now!

Welcome to Wat Nawamintararachutis

You are formally invited to join us for these special events. Experience delightful Thai cuisine, captivating traditional Thai music and dance performances, and receive warm-hearted greetings from your new friends. Specific dates, times, and details…

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