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Building Project

Thai Buddhist monks who perform their religious mission and Thais who reside in the US are grateful to His Majesty King Bhumibol who does his duties for the benefits and well being to the nation and all Thais. In addition, he is the king who is a great patron of Buddhism. He is the only king who was born overseas; he was born at Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America. Therefore, there was a meeting at 775 Newton Street, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 on June 25, 2002.

There was an agreement that to celebrate His Majesty the King 60th anniversary in succession to the throne on June 9, 2006 and the 80th anniversary of his birthday on December 5, 2007, the Buddhist monastery should be founded in the same place where the king was born. The proposed construction can serve as the center of spirituality. It can bring benefits and peace for the international communities and the humanity as a whole. To honor the gracious occasion, the monastery was named Wat Nawamintararachutis, The NMR Buddhist Meditation Center.

Timeline of the Project

Buddhists in Massachusetts approved the proposal made by Mr. Joseph A. Milano, Thai honorary consulate in Boston. They had established the NMR Thai Cultural Center of Massachusetts, USA in this monastery for benefit to the Thais and the world.

For the objectives to be successful, Mr. Saktip Krairerk, Thai Ambassador in Washington and Venerable Phra Rajkittivedi, president of The Council of The Thai Bhikkhus in the U.S.A., and Venerable Phra Promwachirayan, the Member of The Sangha Supreme Council, chief monk of Wat Yannawa in Bangkok, President of Board of Directors of Wat Dhammaram Chicago was consulted. And Venerable Phra Promwachirayan was invited to be the president of building project.

At the same time the permission was requested from the US government to register as non-profit organization. The approval was granted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts US government on July 21, 2002. The Buddhist Supreme Patriarch of Thai Sangha kindly accepted this project under his patronage on November 5, 2005.

The board of construction project submitted this project to The Sangha Supreme Council through the Office of National Buddhism. The meeting of the Sangha Supreme Council approved this project in order to celebrate in the gracious occasion of His Majesty the King 60th anniversary in the succession to the throne on June 9, 2006.

The NMR Thai Cultural Council of Massachusetts, U.S.A. was approved by the National Cultural Council of Thai Culture Ministry. The center was formally opened by Culture Minister Uraiwan Thiantong on July 16, 2005.

For the location of this project initially the committee tried to find the suitable land in area of Cambridge or nearby, finally the committee chose and bought the land in Raynham near to Cambridge Boston of 55 acres (137 Rais) for US 1.5 million dollars (approximately 60 Thai million Bahts) to build this project.

Venerable Phra Promwachirayan the president of the committee kindly hosted to purchase the land for the project as tribute to His Majesty the King.

You can download full version here>>Thai Version1  | Thai Version2 | NMR Model Project

1.   To dedicate good deeds to His Majesty the King of Thailand.
2.   To be the center of Dhamma dissemination and the Buddhist Meditation Center.
3.   To promote and disseminate moral, virtues, Thai art, culture and traditions and customs.
4.   To be the center of spirituality of all Buddhists in performing good deeds for benefits and peace of societies, nations and the world.

The project is supervised by:

1.   The directing committees and executive committees of Wat Nawamintararachutis
2.   The committees who are responsible for the Buddhist Meditation training
3.   The committees of the Thai cultural council ‘Nawamintarachutis’ in Massachusetts, United States of America

The project is supported by the Council of the Thai Bhikkhus in the U.S.A., Thai Embassy in Washington D.C., Thai Consulate in New York, Honorary Consulate in Boston, Massachusetts, all Thai monasteries in America, the Office of National Buddhism, Bureau under the Prime Minister’s Office, Liberal Arts Department, Department of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Culture, The world’s Buddhist Fellowship Organization, the 5th December His Majesty the King Foundation, Thai Airways Corporation, Thai Cement Corporation, Dhammaram Monastery in Chicago Illinois, Wat Yannawa Royal Monastery in Bangkok, Thailand.

This monastery construction project although under the United States law is supervised by the Ecclesiastical Council of Thailand and it seeks after the royal patronage from the Royal Household Bureau and Thai government.

One million dollars (1,000,000 US dollars) is required in the initial stage of the project; 2,000,000 US dollars is required in stage two; 53,000,000 US dollars is required to complete the project in stage three.

Sources of Budget

1.   From donation by Buddhists in Massachusetts and in the U.S.A.
2.   From charity activity held in Wat Nawamintararachutis.
3.   From the support by the public, charity organizations in the U.S.A. and other countries.
4.   From the support by the public, charity organizations and state agencies in Thailand.

Phase 1 (five years periods)

It started from 2002-2007. Necessary sources were prepared and steps were taken to construct the Buddhist monastery. The qualified persons were selected, invited, and appointed as board of directors, executive committee, committee, and board of supporters and advisors in America as well as board of directors and board of supporters and advisors in Thailand. Simultaneously five to nine Buddhist monks were invited to perform their religious missions at the temporary abode. The missions included training, doctrine dissemination, meditation teaching, and Thai culture teaching. Land plot was secured for the construction. Appropriate design was done to suit the environment and law of State in America. Permission from the local city and town was sought for the purpose of constructing the monastery.

Phase 2 (five years periods)

It starts from 2008-2013 to perform religious activities and various activities to carry on what is left over in phase one.

Phase 3 (five years periods)

It starts from 2014-2018 to perform religious activities and various activities. It will continue until the completion of the project.

1.  Buddhism is recognized as a religion of cause and effect, wisdom, loving-kindness, forgiveness, harmony, and concord for peace and happiness. Buddhism is embraced and practiced by people in their daily living.
2.   Glory of Chakri dynasty and His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand who born in this region is spread farer and wider.
3.   Buddhist Thais in abroad have conscience, esteem, love, and gratitude for the Monarchy, Buddhism and the Nation.
4.   New generations of Thais have close ties with the place of their birth, race and pride in Thainess.
5.   New generations of Thais know the principles in living their lives in accordance with Buddhist doctrine.
6.   The monastery serves as the center of spirituality which leads to the right action.
7.   Moral, virtues, ethical conduct, Thai art and culture, traditions, and customs are promoted and passed on to the next generations of Thais and resident Americans who will appreciate love, and harmony and bring about sustainable peace and happiness.
8.  Buddhist relations are established which will be happiness and peace to society and the world as a whole from the fruit of this project.

The new temple, to be built on a site of approximately 55 acres, is to be the largest Thai Buddhist temple outside of Thailand. The temple’s design was led by ARC with associated design architects from Thailand.

The complex has five major elements: Ubosoth Hall, Meditation Hall, Monk Residence Hall, a Multi-Purpose Hall, and a Central Courtyard.

The Design focus is on the central axis which celebrates the roof gables. The massing of the multi-tiered gables reduces the massiveness of the structure and is characteristic both of traditional temples in Thailand and to rural New England architecture.

The Centerpiece of the complex is the three story temple. The Chedi (steeple) is its most prominent feature and pays tribute to Buddha. It is painted gold and reaches a soaring height of 185 feet.

The temple represents the realization of a dream for the Thai people who hoped to build a sanctuary in honor of their monarch, King Rama IX, Bhumibol Adulyadej, who was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1927.

The temple and Meditation Center will serve both the Thai community as well as it neighbor as a place of solace. It will also host events and provide education about Buddhism and Thai culture.

Architecture and Interior Design: ARC / Architectural Resources Cambridge
Owner’s Project Director: Paul Chapple R.E. Development, Inc.
General Contractor: Consigli Construction Co., Inc.
General Contractor from Thailand: S. Boonmeerit Engineering Co., Ltd.
Thai Consulting Architect: Wiwatchai Prangpituk, Kokiart Thongphud
Museum Consultant: Right Man
ARC Principle-in-Charge: Been Wang, AIA
ARC Project Manager: Matthew Lewis, AIA
Paul Chapple R.E. Development, Inc.: Paul Consigli
Consigli Construction Co., Inc.: Anthony Consigli
Wat Nawamintararachutis: Dr. Natthapat Saisena, Eang Tan, Richard Cook
Raynham, Boston office: 382 South St., East, Raynham, (Cambridge-Boston) MA 02760 USA Tel: (508)823-1800 Fax: (508)823-1775
Bangkok Office: Wat Yannawa, 40 Chareonkrung Road, Sathorn, Bangkok Tel: 66-(0)2-672-3216 Fax: 66-(0)2-673-3206

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May you be blessed by the power of the Triple Gem (the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha). May you have good health, beauty, happiness, success and prosperity. May all of these blessings be yours and may all of your wishes be fulfilled.

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