We invited all of you to experience Thai Culture through our festival and special activities at the NMR Meditation Center. Also, you can follow our posters for upcoming Events & Activities throughout the year.

I am obliged to provide you with a detailed explanation of how this program operates.

The study of Thai Dance involves learning performance techniques, dance forms, and presentation styles. Students will create various dramatic forms, practice exercises, undertake tests, and make presentations.

The teaching of Thai musical instruments will cover the following categories:

  • String instruments, including the “saw duang,” “saw u,” “pi phat,” and other instruments.
  • Wind instruments, such as the “khlui” (flute).
  • Rhythm instruments, like the “angklung” and long drum.

This program aims to enhance Thai language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing for practical use in daily life. An integrated teaching approach will be employed using textbooks aligned with the fundamental curriculum for Thai nationals residing abroad. Activities will be organized to incorporate Thai arts and culture, fostering diverse learning experiences.

When banishing carelessness by carefulness,
The sorrowless, wise one ascends the terrace of wisdom
And surveys the ignorant, sorrowing folk
As one standing on a mountain the groundlings.

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