Learn about Buddhist history, significant religious days across various traditions, and ethical conduct to cultivate mindfulness as a practicing Buddhist. Engage in practices such as paying homage, chanting mantras, and listening to sermons during morning flag-raising ceremonies and temple-organized religious events. These activities aim to help children born and raised abroad recognize the importance of mindfulness in Buddhism, foster mindfulness in learning, apply Buddhist principles in daily life, and cultivate a positive attitude towards visiting temples.


World living religions can be classified according to their doctrinal tenets into various types such as:

1. Theistic religions: believing in the supremacy of a divine being or beings.

2. Atheistic religions: not believing in the supremacy of any divine being.

Buddhism belongs to letter. It lays stress on virtuous qualities which every human being can develop. According to Buddhism, good knowledge and conduct (Vijja carana) make a person excellent among divine and human beings. Good knowledge and release from all defilements and sufferings (Vijja-vimutti) are Buddhistic ideal.

Though little he recites the Sacred Texts,
But puts the precepts into practice,
Forsaking lust, hatred and delusion,
With rigth knowledge, with mind well freed,
Cling to nothing here or hereafter,
He has a share in religious life.

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