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Mindfulness Sitting Instructions

After assuming a comfortable seated posture, gently close your eyes. Begin by establishing awareness in your abdomen, observing the movement of the abdomen along with mentally not (labeling ) that…knowing or moving …and maintaining continuous attention to this movement.

If the abdominal movement becomes more distinct, naturally transitioning into expanding or contracting, observe this movement with the mental note -ri-sing…fal-ling.

For beginners, upon hearing a sound or smelling an odor, they should observe it a few times with mental notes—hearing, smelling, then returning their attention to the abdominal movement.

When a thought arises, observe it with mental notes—thinking, planning, imagining, analyzing, etc., without embellishment. If the thought ceases or fades naturally while maintaining continuous attention, return to observe the abdominal movement.

Observe each sensation continuously if any bodily sensations such as pain, ache, numbness, fatigue, itching, tension, or discomfort arise.

While observing with a mental note to any physical discomfort, when the sensation ceases or diminishes naturally, return to observe the movement in the abdomen.

If emotional feelings of distress or joy arise -such as frustration, impatience, irritation, anger, contentment, joy, sadness, liking, disliking, neutrality, calmness, lightness, ease, etc. -observe these feelings with mental note seriously and continuously without judgment with a neutral mind. When these emotional states naturally fade or cease by themselves, return to observe the abdominal movement.

Observe these feelings seriously when drowsiness, lethargy, restlessness, or boredom arise. Observe these with a mental note. When these feelings naturally fade or cease by themselves, one each returns to observe the abdominal movement.

Upon seeing anything, observe with a mental note -seeing…

When the visual perception fades or ceases naturally, return to observe the movement in the abdomen.

Observe each sensation, perception, or feeling individually at the current phenomena, each without greed and aversion, observing sincerely and continuously with mental notes without judgment. This will gradually cultivate insight, leading to clear comprehension of the truth, allowing the mind to develop meditative concentration sequentially., until one can express the fruition of insight knowledge with certainlty.

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