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Meditation Workshop for Mental Detoxification & Relaxation

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Meditation Workshop for Mental Detoxification & Relaxation
At Wat Nawamintrachutis 382 South Street East, Raynham, MA 02767
Tel.: (508) 823-180, www.watnawamin.org, E-mail: watnawamin2545@yahoo.com

Friday June 24, 2016


08.30 a.m. Register
09.00 a.m. Welcome to Wat Nawamintrachutis by Ven.Phra Bhavanavajiravides,
President of Wat Nawanintrachutis
09.15 a.m. Morning chanting and take five precepts
09.30 a.m. Introduction to Meditation and Practice
by Phrakrusiriatthavides (Dr.Handy), Wat Thai Washington, D.C.
10.00 a.m. Sitting meditation
10.20 a.m. Walking meditation
10.40 a.m. Sitting meditation
10.50 a.m. Spread loving-kindness and compassion
11.00 a.m. Take a break for Lunch
12.30 p.m. Walking meditation with mindfulness
01.00 p.m. Sitting meditation
01.30 p.m. Walking meditation
02.00 p.m. Sitting meditation
02.30 p.m. Tea-coffee break
03.00 p.m. Breathing exercise and Yoga
04.30 p.m. Dhamma talks by Ven. Phrakrusiriatthavides
• How you can benefit from meditation
• The Loving-kindness meditation
05.00 p.m. Questions & Answers Ven. Dr. Pm.Piya Uttamapanyo
05.30 p.m. Take a break
06.00 p.m. Join the evening chanting with the Sangha
06.30 p.m. Conclusion certificate presentation
• Offering Sangha-Dana (Gifts offering)
• Blessing to all the participants
• Group picture
09.00 p.m. Closing

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